DNA Cases Solved

Carol Chin-Shue of Canada

Carol first appeared as a DNA match with myself on 15th January 2018. The data ‘predicted’ that we were 4th – 6th cousins, but we are infact 3rd cousins, once removed.

Let’s investigate…. We made contact and passed on to each other our family members. From all that information I worked out that the ancestor who we both share DNA with is Edward Chisholm Hodgson (Mass Teddy’s father)


4 thoughts on “DNA Cases Solved

  1. Thank you, cousin Robert,
    My gratitude will be eternal for giving me a glimpse into the history of my beloved granny Ina and her ancestors.
    Again thank you “Sherlock”

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    1. Hello Carol,
      Happy to see that you are as interested in Ina Hodgson and her ancestors, as much as I am. I enjoy researching and writing about them so much.
      There will be much more interesting stuff to be learned about your grandmother’s ancestors. Glad you are enjoying it!
      Your Cousin, Rob


  2. Hello Robert,
    I am also a D.N.A. match for your mother. It sounds too complicated for me to figure it out. Either way, we are doubly related.
    Your cousin, cousin.

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