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All of my relatives in this old photograph, emigrated out of Jamaica.

Left to right from the back row; Shirley, Ainsley, Clinton, Renford, Valdie, Astley. Front row; Ida Mae, Cecil and Ellen.

If you know anything about them, how would you like to contribute towards their story?

Do you have any emigration stories for them?

  • Ainsley Hodgson
  • Astley Hodgson
  • Cecil Hodgson
  • Ciseline Hodgson
  • Clinton Hodgson
  • Hortense Hodgson
  • Linton Hodgson
  • Renford Hodgson
  • Shirley Hodgson
  • Myrtle Hodgson
  • Valdie Hodgson
  • Ida Mae Hodgson
  • Maurice Hugh Hodgson
  • Maurice Vincent Hodgson
  • Ellen Frances Kirkpatrick
  • What date did they travel
  • Where did they travel from.
  • Did they fly or sail
  • Any memories of the journey
  • What did they think once they got there
  • Photographs and documents
  • Interesting information about them

Your story can be added as a short blog with you named as the author

Please contact me if you can add any information about them.

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