🌳 Family Branches

Mair of Newell Pen



Hodgson of Southfield Pen







2 thoughts on “🌳 Family Branches

  1. What a tremendously beautiful gift this piece of generational/social history you have done in tracing your ancestry footsteps and foot prints. What brought me here was my search in trying to remember if in the 50s, Bloxcidge Street was then Worcestershire. The reason being my mother and the rest of us four siblings, in the early 60’s joining my father a good friend of Mr and Mrs Duncan, lived for a brief time at Bloxcidge Street- my father too having also worked TI(Tube Investment) until his retirement. A wonderful histographic presentation of passion and no doubt endless research Thank you for sharing. Hooked on Shirley Bassey’s ‘This time’. Tremendous! By the way, would the person Rennie, be the same Rennie who also lived at the Duncan’s. Incidentally, recently became friends with one of the Duncan’s daughter on FB – will pass on your site to her! Much blessings, and thank you.

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    1. Thank’s for the compliments Yvonne.

      It’s such a coincidence to hear that your family, like my family also have links to Bloxcidge Street and Tube Products which was indeed a part of Worcestershire in the 1950’s. Yes my dad Rennie lived at Mr Duncan’s in the 1950’s, before moving to West Bromwich. It’s also interesting to hear that you are friends with Mr Duncan’s daughter. I am not a member of Facebook, but thanks for passing on my website details to her, hope she enjoys reading about Bloxcidge Street. Warm Regards.


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