Births Marriages Deaths

In this section you will find all the Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates that have been published so far in the blogs and story timeline. Death Certificates are interesting for those of you that would like to see the cause of death of each person. Also included in this section will be Church Parish registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. Contact me if you can’t read what is written. I will try my best to transcribe it for you 🤔


979DD6EA-E64A-42F4-85D6-E4B3C779FE5A 1941 Margaret Emily Mair (née Hodgson) 37A6CA4D-8FD2-44CE-9D7F-D5E3FEF95938 1941 Edward Aubrey Hodgson 60944C13-094C-4232-82A4-BE1D9C3D3B9A 1945 Mabel Victoria Hodgson (née Bent) IMG_5061 1956 Edward Hugh Hodgson (Mass Teddy) IMG_5067 1956 Dorcas Antionette Speid née Bent
1970 Frank Bent
Reginald Waldsnor O’Neil Speid
1976 Ida Mae Burkley née Hodgson

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  1. This is amazing blog!!
    I think we are related in some way! I came across your name on Ancestry and Found your blog. I hope that one day I can do something like this for my children.


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