Here you will find a selection of people that I share DNA with.

I had my DNA tested in 2016 and have it registered on a database. I also got my mom, dad and a brother tested.

When someone appears on this database that shares DNA with me, we message each other to ‘investigate’ who the ancestor is that we both share our DNA with. It is scientific family history and is amazingly accurate.

Having both my parents tested enables me to know if a DNA match comes from my moms lineage or my dad’s lineage

When I first took the test in 2016, I matched with about 200 people. As more and more people have been tested and added to the DNA database, my matches have increased massively.

As of today it shows that I now have 928 4th cousins or closer showing on it. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins on the database. Some of them, I already know and am aware of.

The most difficult, but interesting part is finding out how I am related to the other unknown members.

DNA Matches Showing 928 Cousins. February 2018

I have known for many years that Mass Teddy had a half-brother named Charles Hodgson. Just this week, because of a DNA match that came up, I have been in contact with a descendant of Charles Hodgson and now have a photograph of this mans Southfield born daughter, Ina Hodgson!

Ina Hodgson, Mass Teddy’s Neice

I am solving loose ends and finding relatives and ancestors that I never knew existed. It is cutting edge technology. Family history is changing and advancing into a new phase. it really is quite amazing!





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