Do We Share DNA? – My Dad’s Ancestors

My Dad’s Ancestors

This page is predominantly for the DNA community, in other words people who have taken a DNA test and discovered that they share with me. In order for us to share the same DNA, it means that we have to both descend from the same person or the same couple.

To investigate if we are linked down my dad’s side, this is the page to check. The first 8 tables go down the ‘paternal side’ of his father, Edward Aubrey Hodgson.

The second set of 8 tables goes down the ‘maternal side’ of his mom, Goldie Mae Deer.

I have only shown 4th cousin type tables going up to his great great great grandparents, in order to show you a larger quantity of his ancestors. You may in fact be a closer match – 1st, 2nd or 3rd cousin. (See DNA Cases Solved)

Click on a table to enlarge the image. Please message me if you spot anything or need to ask a question. Good luck!

Renford Hodgson’s Paternal Ancestors

Renford Hodgson’s Maternal Ancestors