Maundy Thursday 2021

Maundy Thursday 2021

Hi everyone,

Today, the 1st April 2021 should have been a very special day this year. It should have been the day of Maundy Thursday 2021, but due to the ongoing Pandemic, sadly there was no official Maundy Service.

This would also have been a fitting day to post Cecil Hodgson’s Maundy Thursday blog, but with it turning out to be very detailed and intricate, I missed the deadline to post. However, the finishing touches to part 2 of my three-part Maundy series are now just being applied, so keep a look out for it being posted this Sunday.

Hope you enjoy it…



2 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday 2021

  1. I must congratulate you on your detailed research and your prolific writing skills. I was drawn to this blog by the photograph of the old shop in the grass well preserved behind a barn wire fence. So I started reading. It’s now my third day of visitation. I am reading about some persons I knew and others that I heard about. This interesting story woven by world History will keep me glued to these pages for a long time

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