“Aunt Hortense” 1920-2019

I received some very sad news yesterday morning.

As I was applying the finishing touches to my next to be posted blog, an email arrived from Roger Parris of New York, informing me that his mother, Hortense Parris, had died on Thursday 28th March 2019. She was 98 years of age.

Hortense Parris (née Hodgson) was born on the 7th October 1920 at Southfield Pen Great House, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, and was the youngest and last surviving child of Mabel Victoria Bent & Edward Hugh Hodgson (Mass Teddy)

I once asked her about her name and she told me that she was named after Hortense Clacken, the wife of a popular Jamaican lawyer of Epping forest, Saint Elizabeth.

Hortense in Jamaica

She was an intelligent and attractive lady. In her younger years, my father told me she went on a teacher exchange to Bogata or Venezuela in South America, before later moving on to New York and marrying fellow Jamaican, Terrence Parris about 1946. Their two children, Roger and Laverne Parris both being born in New York.

Hortense & Terrence Parris

Hortense has left a legacy behind and now has the distinction of being the longest living ‘Southfield Hodgson’ of all time. She came very close to being the first centurion in our long history.

During the 2000’s, she spoke to me about the oldest existing photograph in our family, a black & white one, taken of her parents, Mass Teddy & Mabel about 1916. I will always remember her asking me to make sure that the photo of her parents was handed down from “generation to generation” “for all to see” This was her exact words. I would like to honour her wishes.

My father Renford Hodgson and myself would like to express our condolences to her family. I would like to think that I speak too on behalf of the rest of our American, Jamaican, Canadian and English members.

On a personal note, thank you aunt Hortense for all the warm conversations that we had over the years, and the wealth of information you passed on, helping to inspire me to write yours and our history. You will always be remembered with great fondness.

Hortense in 1996

R.I.P Aunt Hortense

Your great-nephew, Robert Roy Hodgson

(West Bromwich branch of the Southfield Hodgson’s)

About 1916. Kingston, Jamaica. Edward Hugh Hodgson & Mabel Victoria Bent of Southfield Pen.

Please save and hand down Hortense’s parents from “generation to generation, for all to see”

12 thoughts on ““Aunt Hortense” 1920-2019

      1. My condolences🙏🏽. To my understanding Cissy/Cecilin was adopted by Dorcas Bent-Speid. Dorcas Bent-Speid was also my grandmother’s adoptive mother. Apparently Dorcas had a brother named Mathias Bent which was my grandmother’s biological father. I’m familiar with Frank Bent’s (Dorcas and Mabel’s Brother) son Stafford Bent. Our family seems to be very huge.


      2. Hi, I’ve been offline for quite sometime but am just starting to respond to all the comments and messages that I’ve missed.
        Thank you for the Condolences.
        Cissy is my Aunt and I knew Stafford Bent. This is all very welcome information about our family, especially that Dorcas and Mabel had a brother named Mathias. Very interesting.
        Thanks for visiting the blog, glad you enjoyed it.


  1. Thank you for this post. Aunt Hortense was exuberant and fun to be around when I was a child and in my adulthood. Thanks for the wedding picture.

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    1. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post Michelle, you must have known her very well. I only met her once (in 1987) and the sad thing about that occasion was that I can’t remember having a conversation with her that day, I was too young and immature. In the early years of first making phone contact with her in 1999, I soon discovered that she was very proud of her Jamaican roots and where she came from. I loved listening to the old stories that she told about when she was living in Jamaica.


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