📝 Family History Top Tips

Useful Advice For Those New To Family History….

  • Interview Your Oldest Relatives. Hurry!
  • Interview Your Parents, Uncle’s and Aunt’s
  • Use A Dictator
  • Ask Them Questions. Just Let Them Talk
  • Play Back What They Said
  • Review What They Spoke About
  • Write A List Of Follow Up Questions
  • Interview Them For A Second Time
  • Save And Back Up The Audio Interview
  • Take A DNA Test
  • Get Your Parents To Take A DNA Test
  • Do It Soon

Dont worry if you have no interest in your family history. It is still a good idea to interview them. Just store the recording away in a safe place. One day someone will be glad that you did. It may be you, your children, grandchildren or someone else.

Remember also that DNA will be the way of unlocking your family history in the future. Try It out, It’s facinating.

Here are 10 questions that you could ask your relatives just to get you started:

  1. Where did your ancestors come from
  2. Do you remember your grandparents
  3. What about their parents
  4. Are there any handed down family stories
  5. Do you know if anyone emigrated
  6. Were any of them in the military
  7. Are there any old letters or documents
  8. Who has the oldest photographs
  9. Who is our oldest surviving relative
  10. Where are our ancestors buried

P.S Also check to see if anyone else has researched your family history. It could save you a lot of time!

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2 thoughts on “📝 Family History Top Tips

  1. Interesting Blog. I have learnt so much and a better insight into the history of the great House in Southfield.


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